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781.25mb of content created per person per day

We each generate lots of content every day. Do you have a strategy for it?

A content strategy? No. I can’t. There’s too much. Too much content.

It’s really easy to feel overwhelmed by information. We consume massive amounts every day: 490 minutes per day, each. Somehow we humans also have time to create 2.5 exabtyes of content each day. With 3.2 billion people on the internet that’s roughly 781.25 megabytes each, every day. That’s still a lot, and much of that is generated by machines programmed by people. It’s not unrealistic to estimate we each create 100MB per day on average. Do we even notice? We should. We want others to notice!

Most of the content we create will never be officially organized: social media posts, pictures, cat videos. What does deserve more than a #hashtag? Your business content! YES – YOUR CONTENT. The content you agonize over, the content you had to fight writer’s block to create, the content you can do in your sleep, the content that flowed so easily you spooked yourself. Who demands it? Your ideal client. Your employees. You.

Myth #1: Content strategy is only for enterprise-class businesses.

I call B.S.! Every business, department, entrepreneur and artist that creates content should value the energy that went into it. A content strategy means 1) your customers can find your content, 2) you have a list of things to write about, even when you’re not inspired, 3) you have a plan for keeping confidential data safe, and 4) you have the right tools to manage it all.


Myth #2: Content strategy takes too much time.

You put valuable time and energy into creating your content. Spend the 1 minute per item to add categories or tags and it will be easy to find. Here’s the math:
Your content creation time = 1 hour/week
Your billing rate = $100/hr
$100 per piece of content or $5000/year
Your tagging time per piece of content = 2 minutes
Cost to tag your content = $4 or $200/year
Time wasted not finding things = 15 min/day
Cost of not finding = $25
Plus re-creating = $100
Plus losing clients who can’t find you…

You lose 60 hours & $6000/year wasting time trying to find things. You invest 2 hours & $200/year in good habits plus the 1 week of time needed to set up your system. Which you do over several days or weeks. And that’s only 1 benefit of a content strategy. Sounds worth it to me!


Myth #3: I have to buy expensive technology for my content strategy to work.

Goodness no! You can, for sure. High end publishing companies spend millions on technology and experts to make their systems sing. But they measure performance in nanoseconds… do you? Heck no. You can learn how to do this – after all, you already have. It is human nature to categorize things. Remember the last time you saw a child sort the blue blocks into 1 pile, the red into another, then mess it all up and find just the squares, or the triangles? We build on that natural instinct. It’s also in our nature to create. Find what you love to create. You learned all the basics by the time you got your high school degree. You can do it on paper, a laptop, in open source software or invest in the right solution for your business. You just need a framework. And some truths to help you avoid the common mistakes people make.

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