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Knowledge is power.

Stand in your power!


“To every thing there is a purpose.” Including power. It doesn’t have to mean corruption or selfishness. The energies we associate with power are the same that motivate and engage us to tackle new challenges. Not just us, but those we are asked to lead. Don’t play small. Cultivate and use power thoughtfully.

TriviumRLG. Knowledge-based leadership coaching.

Think of a great leader you admire. Is that person wise? Most likely. Wisdom, I believe, is a combination of Knowledge and Experience.


Do you ever think to yourself, “I KNOW this! Why can’t I lead this project?” Or “we have all of this information, why can’t we get it done?!”

The thing is, you CAN.


You can lead. You can get it done.


You can take control of your knowledge. You can strengthen your natural leadership style.


I want to help you.

TriviumRLG. Knowledge-based leadership coaching.

I can coach you in four critical areas for success:

Valuing and using your creative output, your content, the storehouse of your knowledge.

Being aware of your environment and providing the best resources for it.

Examining each area for opportunities to refine and grow using the best analytics.

Nurturing your community. People are the reason we do all that we do.

TriviumRLG. Knowledge-based leadership coaching.

I’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years. Putting people first, taking time to value what you deliver, seeing that it is useful and used – actively improving in these areas makes you a better leader. You can do this. I have worked with hundreds of people in corporate and non-profit organizations. Now I focus on individuals and small groups. You can transform. I can help you. You can deliver. You can lead.

The Trivium, A Method for Knowledge-based Leadership

The Trivium is a system of critical thinking. It takes as inputs communication, audience needs and sound data.

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Leadership requires data and information. There is no other way to knowledge and wisdom.


To lead, one must be aware of the surroundings.


Know your numbers. Good leaders do.


You can’t lead unless there are people with you. Do right by them.

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