Semantically Yours

Greetings and thank you to all the folks who came to our talk on Saturday afternoon at SXSW! We had a good time, learned lots, and are grateful and glad to be part of the family of SXSW presenters.

You can find a copy of the presentation here on our site. We're going to be updating it as the animations we used during the live talk don't work on the sites we usually use!

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I'm at SXSW and experiencing interesting opposing stereotypes, which are not necessarily good or bad.

I was just in the Augmented Reality meetup room, which is lively and social and moving - hot with many interesting conversations. The organizer stood on a chair to say hi, thanks for coming, who's new, who needs a developer, who wants to talk about what - great, go! The folks are business folks, developers, dreamers. It's loud and fun.

Who should be on your 'semantic project' team?

Who generates excitement around the project? The subject matter experts? The search or content management or R&D teams? Executive leadership? The end-users? Each type of person will influence the project in unique ways, and the strength of that bias must be accounted for. Who does the work? What skills are helpful?


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