Data Finds Data – Rethinking Time and Cost in Information Systems

Data finds data. It’s such a simple concept that I overlooked this title for almost two years while it stayed hidden as a chapter in the Creative Commons-licensed book: ““Beautiful Data: The Stories Behind Elegant Data Solutions”.” It’s accessibly written by Jeff Jonas and Lisa Sokol.

The Trouble with Tribbles: Why Dumb Data Multiplies Like Bunnies

I’ve been reading a lot of sci-fi lately, mixed with books about data, which got me thinking about how dumb data is, what the costs of stupid data are, and how smarter data could lower our information costs: for access, for development, and for maintenance.

Why Data are like Tribbles

A Brief History of Classification

The earliest known means of classifying an object and keeping it in order are girginakku. These are ancient Mesopotamian clay tablets that were attached to scrolls and tablets and used to identify the contents. Examples of tablets approximately 5300 years in age can be found in the British Museum.


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