As I said in the introduction this was originally part of a talk I gave without slides. I wasn't in the mood to fight with the presentation software. I was bored with the default slide deck I used. We had replaced the bulb in our projector television and WOW - expensive! I had begun thinking more about our family's impact on the planet, and made a conscious decision to reduce it. (Including the retiring of that projector as a television!) It felt good. We were using less.

An Introduction to the Semantic Web and Linked Data

One of the best presentations I've ever given was done without slides. I jotted down my ideas on a handful of bright pink index cards, sorted them this way and that, numbered them when I was satisfied, and added brief notes on the back of each to remind me of the metaphors I could use with the audience.

Semantic Link Podcast With Guest Nova Spivack

As many of you may have seen on, we've kicked off 2012 well on the Semantic Link podcast. This month we were joined by veteran semantic entrepreneur Nova Spivack and our conversation surrounded privacy, UI/UX design and whether or not we've yet found a definition for the word "semantic."

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