Semantic Link Podcast, Episode 11

In this month's episode of the Semantic Link podcast, we talk with R. Guha about #semanticweb #seo

Guha provided us with clean answers about the current and future state of as he knows it. There is still a great deal of work to be done, decisions to be made and goals to be set.

I asked about support for the Enterprise. I was curious to know if support for the schemas will be baked in to the algorithms of the Google Search Appliance, Google Mini, Custom Search, Fast, and other search solutions from players such as Autonomy. I do not believe it is a top priority at the moment, but Guha did indicate plans for that at Google and to discuss those options with other vendors. This is a tricky one - balancing 'turnkey' support with the ability to customize for each organization. Large organizations with dedicated enterprise search teams may wish to manage it themselves (as I did when I was at Raytheon) but smaller companies would no doubt appreciate simply being able to "turn it on." I hope that the requirements gathering is as open as the schema and vocabulary development. It is not unusual for a company to ask its best clients for input and feedback on new products; I would like to see these search providers go one step further - ask current and future clients about their needs!

I hope you enjoy this podcast - press play and then send us your questions!