TriviumRLG is an information management consulting firm established to help organizations better manage their most vital asset: information. Be it for improved business processes, increased revenues, actionable intelligence or solid R&D data, every organization can make better use of the data that flows through their messaging, networked and human systems.

Why TriviumRLG?

We are experiencing a rapidly evolving technological environment that is combining the best parts of machine processing and knowledge management techniques, be it called the semantic web or another name. Believing that everything comes full circle, Trivium is a nod to the past. We are witnessing a rise in value of information professionals and the long-standing practices of libraries throughout time and across the globe. Much also can be learned from educational institutions; methods of teaching and learning rise and fall in favor, and each has their benefits. In medieval academics, the trivium was the liberal arts foundation of learning - three roads (Latin "tri" and "via") on which to journey. "RLG" represents those roads: rhetoric, logic and grammar. Internet technologies are also founded on these principles: rhetoric represents the content, logic represents how it is structured and organized, and grammar represents how it is encoded. This is the focus of the company.

Christine Connors

Christine Connors
TriviumRLG LLC

Ms. Connors has extensive experience in taxonomy, ontology and metadata design and development. Prior to forming TriviumRLG Ms. Connors was the global director, semantic technology solutions for Dow Jones, responsible for partnering with business champions across Dow Jones to improve digital asset management and delivery. In that position, she managed a worldwide team responsible for the development of taxonomies, ontologies and metadata that are used to add value to Dow Jones news and financial information products. Ms. Connors also served as business champion for the Synaptica® software application, including managing a US-based team of software developers, and supported Dow Jones consulting practices worldwide, which deliver end-to-end information access solutions based on taxonomies, metadata and semantic technologies. Prior to joining Dow Jones Ms. Connors was a knowledge architect at Intuit, where she was responsible for introducing semantic technologies to online content management and search. And before that, she was a metadata architect at Raytheon Company and Cybrarian at CEOExpress Company. At Raytheon Company she oversaw knowledge representation and enterprise search, delivering large-scale taxonomies, metadata schema and rules-based classification to improve retrieval of internal information via a multi-vendor retrieval platform.

Ms. Connors is a certified Six Sigma Specialist, and is a member of both the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) and the Special Libraries Association. Christine is Organizer of the Philadelphia and Princeton Semantic Web Meetups, and Assistant Organizer of the New York Semantic Web Meetup.

Ms. Connors holds a master of science degree in Library and Information Sciences from Simmons College, Boston, and a bachelor of science degree in Theatre Arts Management from Ithaca College, New York.

Kevin Lynch
Chief Instigator

Kevin was the database architect and project manager of COPLINK, a National Institute of Justice-funded program that became a national model for law enforcement information analysis and sharing based on his dissertation work.

Kevin received his PhD and Master's degrees in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona. Kevin's dissertation focused on data management in collaborative systems, and his publications have appeared in 1) IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, 2) the International Journal of Man-Machine Studies, and 3) IEEE Expert.